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Product Strategy

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3 Week Masterclass on How To Run Successful Product, Marketing, and Business Strategies

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No one human is capable of producing everything it needs to survive and it is for this purpose that businesses exist. Every single day, buyers are confronted with many products and services that seek to meet their specific needs, wants, or desires. Ultimately, a purchase decision hinges on whether the presented value aligns with the cost a customer is willing to pay in order to have their needs met.

Entrepreneurs and businesses are able to capture some of this value for themselves by competing for profits through solid product strategy, winning marketing execution, and smart business operations and cost structures.

Join me in this 3 week masterclass as we dissect the core principles of product development, going to market, and building an operations machine that gives you a competitive edge in your market no matter the structure of your industry.

This course is for aspiring entrepreneurs, product managers, marketing professionals, and business managers.

Course Outline:

Introduction to trade & modern commerce

    • The Barter System vs The Currency System
    • Trade vs Commerce
    • Modern Commerce
    • Examples: Safaricom PLC, Shell PLC, Twiga Foods LTD.
    • Factors Affecting Operational Costs, Product Pricing, and Business Profits
    • Components of a Strong Value Proposition

Introduction to Product Strategy

    • Product Mission and Vision
    • Introduction to Product Strategy
    • Project Thinking vs Product Thinking
    • Defining a Strong Vision Statement (with Examples)
    • A Case Study of MPESA by Safaricom PLC
    • Understanding Customer Needs, Motivations, Aspirations, and Pain Points
    • Getting Data on Customer Sentiments
    • Customer Willingness to Pay vs Business Pricing vs Operational Cost
    • Conducting a Product Development Risk Analysis
    • Setting Product Objectives & KPIs
    • Creating a Product Roadmap
    • Mobilizing Stakeholders Around Your Product Strategy

Getting ready to ship your product

    • Market Structure Analysis
      • Industry Players, Pricing, & Competition
      • Competitor Mapping Exercise & SWOT Analysis
      • Product Ranking & Brand Perceptual Map
    • Market Sizing & Segmentation
      • Persona Identification and Prioritization
      • How to look at Market Sizing and Segmentation
    • Launch Planning
      • Defining Your Positioning Statements & Messaging
      • Examples of Positioning Campaigns by Safaricom & Shell
      • Marketing Channel Ranking and Selection
      • Assessing Risks Posed by Competitor Response
      • Looking at Personnel Requirements
      • Looking at Financial Requirements
      • Taxonomy of Teams You will Need
      • Establishing a Feedback-loop Between Product and The Rest of the Business

Core skills for running successful business operations

      • Introduction to Goal Setting
      • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
      • Committed OKRs vs Aspirational OKRs
      • Advantages & Principles of Good OKRS
      • Types of Risks
      • Risk Identification & Categorization
      • Risk Appetite vs Risk Tolerance
      • Creating a Risk Register + Other Tools
      • Understanding Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash-flow statement)
      • Feedback Session & A.O.B

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the masterclass, you will be able to:

    1. Identify the key factors you should consider before making entry into a specific business model
    2. Understand what it takes to be differentiated in a competitive market i.e. competing for uniqueness vs competing for profits
    3. Build unique products from scratch using a methodology that ensures product-market fit
    4. Communicate the value of your products to your target audience in new and existing markets
    5. Set clear goals for your business, measure results, optimize operations, and keep an eye on financials


Time Table:


Date 5pm – 6pm (EAT) 6pm – 7pm (EAT)
March 6th 2023 Orientation & Context Setting Introduction to Trade & Modern Commerce
March 7th 2023 Introduction to Product Strategy Interactive Discussions
March 8th 2023 Defining a Strong Vision Interactive Discussions
March 9th 2023 Understanding Your Market Structure Interactive Discussions
March 13th 2023 Setting Product Objectives & Getting to Work Interactive Discussions
March 14th 2023 Competitive Landscape Mapping Interactive Discussions
March 15th 2023 Market Sizing & Segmentation Interactive Discussions
March 16th 2023 Positioning & Channel Ranking Interactive Discussions
March 17th 2023 Launch Planning & Requirements Interactive Discussions
March 20th 2023 Setting Objectives & Key Results Interactive Discussions
March 21st 2023 Risk Planning & Mitigation Interactive Discussions
March 22nd 2023 Management of Profit & Loss Interactive Discussions
March 23rd 2023 A.O.B & Feedback Sessions
March 24th 2023 A.O.B & Feedback Sessions

Start Date: March 6th 2023

Format: 2 Hour Interactive Evening Classes Mon – Thursdays

Venue: Online (Link to be provided after payment confirmation)

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Online Instruction, Q&A Sessions, Access to Free Templates, Group Discussions



2 reviews for 3 Week Masterclass on How To Run Successful Product, Marketing, and Business Strategies

  1. Mark (verified owner)

    Over 120 slides of content, downloadable templates and frameworks that you can copy and apply to your own context, I can guarantee that you will find this masterclass very useful

  2. Thiong


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